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Hazardous Area Classification| Zone 1, Zone 2, Gas Groups and IP 15

Classification of equipment or piping handling flammable liquid could seem simple but it can lead to a lot of cost overruns and a lot of discussions especially for an offshore environment. Its basic premise is to minimize risks. What is hazardous area and why is it useful for safety. Well basically it tries and give a separation distance to an ignition source where one might think a flammable source might occur. By having some separation (which is the theory) one might think you can stop the fire triangle from happening (READ

Some dos and don’t guidelines for all below.

  •   Firstly i don’t understand the debate gas detectors - For this an instrument guy i knew said all gas detectors should follow area classification where they are located. So if Zone 2 (in your drawings) state Zone 2. This is incorrect all detectors are manufactured as Zone 1 or just suitable for it and operates in a flammable cloud condition at any point it really needs to operate. It also helps when you just have a uniform sets of detectors for replacement issues.
  • Gas groups are important so please read the IP15 guide attached . Temperature class usually we select T3
  • All air intakes shall be at least 3m away from source . this is important
  • Battery room now this one is a peach it says Zone 1 for most people but i cant imagine how the entire room sometimes people insist on Zone 1 must be some literature out there that says its zone 1 less than a meter and after that its fine
  • NOW the tough one is classifying a fire water or other emergency equipment even though its in the safe area. Some operators right now insisting Zone 1. Rather tough, it could turn up very expensive if doable. Even zone 2 is expensive. Alternatively you could have it in rooms and control air intake in. This becomes an issue with space in an offshore environment, HVAC issues in ensuring its positively pressured and etc – Having rooms are tough in that utility area where space is limited.

Anyway download IP 15 below and let me know your thoughts from e books section there are now a few books besides IP 15

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IP 15
1Friday, 30 March 2012 16:43
The IP 15 code is not attached.